Frequently Asked Questions


What's your coverage area in Arizona?

Travel Fee Map


No travel fee
$30 travel fee
$50+ travel fee
$30 Maricopa Proper
$50 Florence
$50 Casa Grande

What's your coverage area in Colorado?
(Coverage map coming soon.)
Does List Logix work with non-residential properties?
Absolutely. We have extensive experience utilizing HDR photography, HD video, and 3D tours to capture commercial, industrial, retail, and other corporate spaces. You can find more information and examples of our non-residential work on our commercial photography page.

HDR Photography

What kind of preparation should I do to make sure a property looks best in photos?
We have a complete guide to preparing homes and other properties for listing photos. (It’s a ready-to-print PDF that listing agents can share with homeowners.)

But here are the basics:

  • Turn on all the interior lights. (If it can turn in, turn it on.) It’s a good idea to make sure all light fixtures have working bulbs.
  • Make sure all ceiling fans are off.
  • Clear all surfaces of any clutter. If it doesn’t have to live on a countertop, put it away.
  • If there is anything you don’t want in the shoot — like furniture or boxes — try to stow it away beforehand. Moving items during a shoot can add significantly to the time our photographer needs to spend on-site. It’s also not as easy as you might assume: our wide-angle lenses include a lot more in the frame than you’ll see on a phone or “regular” camera, and we frequently employ camera angles that depict the “flow” between rooms. (So moving something out of a shot isn’t as simple as shifting it over a little bit.)
  • Rotate miniblinds so that they’re open, totally horizontal. Vertical blinds should be rotated perpendicular to the window so they’re open. (If you prefer, it’s also ok to pull blinds all the way up or to the side.)
How many photos will I receive? And how will I receive them?