HD Home Highlight Video

A High-Definition Home Highlight Video is designed to showcase your listing in all aspects — exterior, interior and aerial.

Our team of cinematic experts creates videos that are professionally shot, cut and edited, and set to music that flows with the video and complements the property. As a realtor, you can choose to introduce yourself and speak about the listing’s top features and then close it out with a call to action for potential buyers to come to​ see the property. Your video can finish with a custom “brand” graphic that lets viewers know more about you, including your name, headshot, an agency logo, contact info, etc.

Videos Give You an Edge

According to the research, video creates an advantage in marketing. For example, 51-percent of marketing professionals name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Social Media video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

Clearly, video is a valuable resource for marketing a current listing — and a List Logix HD Home Highlight Video does just that. But video is also a crucial tool for capturing your next listings. When potential sellers browse online to find an agent who will work hard to sell their property, they’ll be drawn to existing listings that use video to attract buyers. Additionally, personal videos — like the realtor introductions in our HD Home Highlight Videos or the agent marketing pieces we create for our Custom HD Videography customers — show your passion for the real estate industry and can be beneficial to establishing yourself in the marketplace. Videos are also an effective way to build a rapport with clients, whether they’re potential leads or those already within your circle.

Video doesn’t just separate you from other agents. Marketing gurus say that it also creates a sharable experience that creates buzz and is perfectly suited​ for social media, where an increasing number of buyers are starting their home search. Easily-shared video content has the double benefit of helping to sell both the property and your services. Video content adds to your credibility as an agent and shows you’re current with the latest tools to reach potential buyers.


HD Home Highlight Video

up to 3000 sq. ft. $350
3001–4000 sq. ft. $400
4001–5000 sq. ft. $450
additional square footage
per 1000 sq. ft. thereafter

Home Highlight Video Add-Ons

Realtor Intro/Closing $100
Opening and/or Closing Graphics$25 subsequent orders $50
Bottom-Third Graphics~ 3–5 $50
Rush Delivery24 hours $250

Samples: Home Highlight Video / Real Estate Marketing Video

home highlight video
home highlight video
home highlight video
home highlight video
home highlight video
home highlight video

Excite Buyers with an HD Home Highlight Video

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